At UNI Youth we aim to highlight those issues that are close to our young workers such as:

International Youth Day 2021

Precarious Work

Precarious work refers to forms of employment in which workers are denied permanent employee rights. Globally, these workers are subject to unstable employment, lower wages, rarely receive social benefits and are exposed to more dangerous working conditions. It has many forms, from part-time work, temporary contracts, agency contracts, bogus self-employment; and even inappropriate classification of workers as “short-term” or “independent contractors.”

There is one thing common to it, and that is that it is related to in-work poverty as well job insecurity.

Precarious work Photo by Jon Tyson

Training and Skill Building

For young workers who are at the beginning of both their work and union life, training is an essential tool to develop the skills they will require for the future. Communication, negotiation, bargaining and leadership are some of the skills that we work to develop with our young workers at UNI Youth.

Training y para Solidarity final


Through Mentoring Programs we are working to close the intergenerational gaps between trade union leaders and the new generation of unionists. Exchanging ideas, sharing concepts and learning from each other is an essential part of the work we are providing to build the leaders of the trade union movement of the future.

leadership Photo by Melany Rochester

Solidarity through networks

Solidarity is one of our biggest assets and it is built through tight knit networks of young workers. Together we are able to assess common issues and concerns, share best practices and develop focused plans of action.

Training y para Solidarity final 2